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Indiana Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

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Updated on February 9th, 2021

An Indiana motor vehicle bill of sale is a form that’s used to report the sale of a motor vehicle and the change of ownership between parties. If selling a vehicle privately (without a dealership), the owner is required to generate a bill of sale and deliver it to the buyer. Through this process, the seller provides evidence of the sale and attests to the validity of the transaction. The bill of sale states the names of those participating in the sale, their mailing addresses, and the agreed-upon pricing terms. It also specifies the make, year, model, and identification number of the vehicle. The buyer and seller should review the document in full to verify its accuracy. If everything is in order, the parties may sign the bill of sale to finalize the transaction.

Indiana Vehicle Registration/Titling

Indiana residents have forty-five (45) days following the transfer of ownership to register and title their vehicle. The registration and titling procedures are as follows:

  1. Complete an Application for Certificate of Title (Form 205).
  2. Ensure that the following documents are accessible:
    • Driver’s license;
    • Proof of insurance in Indiana;
    • Proof of residency;
    • Original title with odometer information. If the odometer information is missing from the title, both the new and original owners must complete an Odometer Disclosure Statement (Form 43230);
    • Indiana driver’s license;
    • Social security number.
  3. After the requisite forms and identification documents have been prepared, the owner must register the vehicle online (account creation required) or at a local BMV office or connect kiosk.
  4. Registration and titling are complete upon payment of the applicable fees.