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Louisiana Firearm Bill of Sale Form

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Updated on July 4th, 2023

A Louisiana firearm bill of sale is used to record the transfer of gun ownership in Louisiana. Buyers don’t have to worry about a background check or obtaining a permit before acquiring a firearm from a private seller or dealer. They also don’t need to register their weapon once they’ve bought it, and there’s no need to submit the completed bill of sale to any authority to provide proof of transfer. However, the document signed by both parties (and notarized if they so wish) does serve as definitive proof that the weapon has changed hands, so if the ownership of the gun ever comes into question, the bill of sale can be used to verify its rightful holder.

Concealed Carry Laws


It is legal to carry a concealed handgun in Louisiana so long as the carrier has a permit. Permits can be acquired through the Department of Public Safety and Corrections by carrying out the following:

  1. Complete a certified firearms training course as detailed in LRS 40:1379.3 (D)(1) and obtain proof of completion.
  2. Complete a concealed handgun application either online, in PDF, or in person at the State Police Headquarters.
  3. Complete all affidavits and other necessary documentation in the application packet.
  4. Contact local police or sheriff’s office, pay the $10 fee, and have fingerprints recorded twice on FBI Applicant Fingerprint Cards.
  5. Write a cashier’s check, certified check, or money order for the non-refundable fee. Temporary, forty-five-day permits are $25, five-year permits are $125 ($62.50 if over sixty-five), and lifetime permits are $500 ($250 if over sixty-five).
  6. Send all the above documents to the below address if not submitting online or in-person. If submitting online, payment of the fees can be accomplished after the application has been submitted.

Louisiana State Police
Concealed Handgun Permit Unit
PO Box 66375
Baton Rouge, LA 70896