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Massachusetts Firearm Bill of Sale Form

A Massachusetts firearm bill of sale acts as proof of purchase following the private sale of a handgun or long gun. Once completed, the form includes the purchase price, serial number, description of the firearm(s), and both parties’ contact information. Although notarization isn’t required, it is recommended to have both signatures notarized to ensure that the bill of sale will be legally recognized if necessary. Residents are required to obtain certified gun safety training and licensing prior to acquiring a firearm.

  • Firearm laws Chapter 140, § 121 to § 131Q
  • Background check required? Yes. A background check is required to secure a firearms license or ID card.
  • Permit required to purchase? Yes. A valid firearms license or ID card is required to purchase.

Concealed Carry Laws

Statute – Chapter 140, § 131

Massachusetts residents are required to present a License to Carry (LTC) or Firearm Identification (FID) Card to legally carry firearms. To apply for a concealed carry license, individuals will need to present the following at their local police station: