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Maine Firearm Bill of Sale Form

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Updated on September 3rd, 2022

A Maine firearm bill of sale can be used to prove that the ownership of a gun has been transferred to a new party. A full description of the firearm, the contact information and personal details of buyer and seller, and the notarized signatures of both parties are all included in the document as confirmation that all participants are aware that the gun has changed hands. Maine is one of many states wherein residents don’t have to worry about registering their firearms or acquiring a permit to buy one. The private sale of a firearm doesn’t need to be accompanied by a bill of sale; the completion of this document is optional but useful as it can be referred to if the ownership of the gun is ever questioned.

Concealed Carry Laws

Statute§2003 – (Permits to Carry Concealed Handguns)

Maine is a state in which concealed carry is allowed without a permit for everyone over the age of twenty-one (21), or over the age of eighteen (18) if the individual is in the Armed Forces or National Guard. However, some may wish to apply for a permit so they can carry out-of-state. Also, those between the ages of eighteen (18) and twenty-one (21) will be required to get a permit if they wish to concealed carry. The steps to obtain a permit are as follows:

  1. Complete firearms safety course and obtain certification that shows Proof of Knowledge of Handgun Safety (HGS).
  2. Fill out the Application for a Permit to Carry Concealed Handgun packet (Maine Resident Applicant | Non-Resident Applicant).
  3. Write a check or money order payable to the “Treasurer, State of Maine” for the application fee of $35.
  4. Obtain passport quality photos and a copy of birth certificate (or passport).
  5. Send all the items to the below address.

Department of Public Safety
Maine State Police Weapons and Professional Licensing
164 State House Station
Augusta, Maine

The applicant, before submitting the above paperwork, should ensure that they live in a town where the state police issue concealed carry permits as opposed to a community with its own local police department. Those living in the latter should contact their local police department to learn more about the certification process in their region.