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Michigan Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

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A Michigan motor vehicle bill of sale is a form used to mark the transfer of ownership of a vehicle between the buyer and seller. While not a required document when registering or titling a vehicle, it can serve as proof of purchase for one’s taxes, or as an odometer disclosure statement it such a statement is not already included on the vehicle title. Once signed by both parties, each should acquire a copy for their records. The new owner will then have fifteen (15) days to title and register their vehicle; failure to do so will result in a late fee.

Michigan Vehicle Registration/Titling

Once the buyer has purchased the vehicle from the seller, they will be required to register and title it at a Secretary of State office. Ideally, the two parties would go together to transfer the title; however, the new owner can go alone providing they take the following steps within fifteen (15) days of buying the vehicle:

  1. Visit Secretary of State office location.
  2. Bring the following documents:
    • Assigned vehicle title;
    • Valid ID;
    • Proof of no-fault insurance; and
    • Fifteen-dollar ($15) title-transfer fee.
  3. Pay the transfer fee and the six percent (6%) use tax on the vehicle.
  4. Obtain registration document, license plate, and tab.