Oregon Boat Bill of Sale Form

Last updated February 8th, 2021

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An Oregon boat bill of sale is a receipt provided by the Oregon State Marine Board (OSMB) to record the private sale of a boat. The form must be completed by the buyer and the seller, who will both need to provide their contact information and signatures, along with the boat’s title number, model year, manufacturer, and hull identification number (HIN). When the buyer applies for new registration in their name, they will be required to submit the completed bill of sale with their application. Both parties should keep a copy of the document for their personal records.

Oregon Boat Registration

In Oregon, all boats require registration if they have a motor or are longer than twelve (12) feet. Furthermore, vessels that are registered in another state and have been in state waterways for sixty (60) days or more require Oregon registration. To register a vessel in the state, new boat owners will be required to carry out the steps below.

  1. Obtain the boat’s Certificate of Title with the release section completed and signed by the seller. If no title is available, the new owner will need to complete a Lost Boat Title Application, which the previous owner must sign in front of a notary public.
  2. Complete the Application for Title and Registration form.
  3. Submit the following documents to an OSMB agent:
    • Certificate of Title or Lost Boat Title Application
    • Application for Title and Registration
    • Boat Bill of Sale
  4. Pay the registration fee.

Registration can also be completed online (a personal account will need to be created).