Rhode Island Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

Last updated March 7th, 2022

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A Rhode Island motor vehicle bill of sale is a proof of purchase completed by an individual selling a vehicle to a buyer. This document provides information such as the vehicle make, model, year, and purchase price. A bill of sale is an important receipt that will be used by the buyer to register the vehicle after the title has been transferred; it is signed by the seller after the transaction and furnished to the buyer.

Rhode Island Vehicle Registration

After purchasing a vehicle, the title must be transferred over to the buyer’s name and the vehicle must be registered. The following steps must be completed to transfer the title and register the vehicle:

  1. Buyer must complete appropriate sections of the Sales Tax form and Application for Title (Form TR-1/TR-9)*;
  2. Buyer must have seller complete the appropriate sections of the forms mentioned above;
  3. Seller must furnish a copy of the bill of sale to the buyer and hand over the title of the vehicle with all the seller’s information completed;
  4. Buyer must complete the Application for Registration (Form TR-1);
  5. Buyer will need to visit the DMV and present all forms and documentation, including proof of residency, proof of identity, and proof of insurance; and
  6. Pay the $51.51 transfer fee.

*Vehicles made before or in the year 2000 are not required to have a title.