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Utah Firearm Bill of Sale Form

A Utah firearm bill of sale is a written record of a firearm transaction completed by a private seller and a buyer. It includes all the information pertaining to the transfer of the firearm(s), such as the names and addresses of the parties, the make, model, caliber, and serial number of each firearm, the price of or items traded for each firearm, and the date of the sale. A Utah resident twenty-one (21) years or older who is not prohibited from purchasing a firearm pursuant to § 76-10-503 may purchase a firearm from a private seller without a permit and without a background check. A bill of sale is not legally required, but the parties may wish to complete this document to keep for their records.

Concealed Carry Laws

StatuteTitle 53, Chapter 5, Part 7

A permit is required to carry a concealed weapon in the state of Utah. Open carry does not require a permit as long as the firearm is at least two (2) actions from being fired (i.e., rack slide to chamber + pull trigger). To carry a loaded firearm openly with a live round in the chamber, the individual must have a concealed carry permit. A Utah Concealed Firearm Permit (CFP) is available to persons twenty-one (21) years or older that are Utah residents, or to non-residents with a permit in another state. A provisional permit exists for Utah residents ages eighteen (18) to twenty (20). The same application requirements apply to both permits. The difference is a provisional permit holder is not allowed to carry a concealed weapon on elementary or secondary school property, and may not be able to carry a firearm in certain states (e.g., where the minimum concealed carry permit age is twenty-one (21)). All permits are issued by the Department of Public Safety, and applicants will need to complete the following steps to obtain a CFP or provisional permit:

  1. Download and complete the Application for Concealed Firearm Permit or Provisional Concealed Firearm Permit.
  2. Make a photocopy of their driver’s license.
  3. Take a photo of passport quality to attach to the application.
  4. Show proof of out-of-state permit (only applicable to non-residents).
  5. Complete a fingerprint card with a trained fingerprint technician (example of fingerprint card).
  6. Complete certified concealed firearm training course (list of in-state certified instructors | list of out-of-state certified instructors) and obtain certificate of training to attach to application.
  7. Applications, with all required forms and documentation attached, can be dropped off in-person or mailed-in to the following address. A fee of $53.25 will be charged to the applicant ($63.25 for non-residents with a valid permit from their state).

Bureau of Criminal Identification
3888 West 5400 South
Salt Lake City, Utah 84129