West Virginia Boat Bill of Sale Form

Last updated February 2nd, 2021

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A West Virginia boat bill of sale form is a document provided by the Department of Transportation to record the private sales of vessels in the state. The complete form relays the boat’s hull identification number (HIN), year, make, model, color, and title number, as well as the contact information and signatures of the buyer and seller. The signatures of both parties must be made in the presence of a notary public, who must also sign. When the buyer registers the boat, they will need to submit the bill of sale as proof of the purchase price to calculate the sales tax that they are required to pay.

West Virginia Boat Registration/Titling

In West Virginia, all motorized vessels must be titled and registered with the Department of Transport. Registration must be renewed every three (3) years and is non-transferrable. After buying a boat in a private transaction, individuals can title and register it in their name by following the steps below.

  1. Complete an Application for a Certificate of Title for a Motor Boat.
  2. Submit the following paperwork to the buyer’s regional DMV office:
    • Completed Application for a Certificate of Title for a Motor Boat
    • Boat’s Certificate of Title assigned to buyer
    • Notarized Bill of Sale
  3. Pay titling and registration fees, plus sales tax.