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Massachusetts General Warranty Form

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Updated on July 27th, 2022

A Massachusetts general warranty deed (“warranty deed”) conveys property from one party (“grantor”) to another (“grantee”) with warranty covenants that fully protect the grantee against title issues. The warranty covenants ensure that the grantor is the lawful owner of the property, that the real estate title is free from all encumbrances, and that the grantor and their heirs will defend the grantee against any lawful claims and demands (arising from before the new deed is recorded). These guarantees provide the grantee with the assurance that they will not fall victim to any unresolved liens, mortgages, or easements from the previous owners of the property.

Once the deed has been executed by the grantor, notarized, and filed with the register of deeds for the property’s jurisdiction, the ownership will be legally conveyed to the grantee.