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Last updated October 26th, 2022

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A Massachusetts deed is a notarized instrument that transfers a property title from one individual or entity to another. The completed form, once filed with the Registry of Deeds Office, becomes the public record of the property’s transfer and new ownership. Depending on the agreement between a buyer and seller, a deed may offer a complete (general) warranty, partial warranty (quit claim), or non-warranty (release deed) that the property title is without encumbrances.


Types (4)

Deed of Trust – A legal agreement by which a property title is transferred to a trustee so a borrower can secure a loan.

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General Warranty Deed – Under this type of deed, the grantor warrants that the property’s title has no liens or mortgages on it from themselves or any previous owners.

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Quit Claim Deed – A deed that guarantees that the grantor acquired no liens or mortgages on it from the period of their ownership and all previous owners.

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Release Deed – A deed that does not provide any warranty of the property title’s quality to the grantee.

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