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New York Bargain and Sale Deed Form

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Updated on July 11th, 2022

New York bargain and sale deed is a type of special warranty deed that legally transfers the title to real property from a seller to a buyer (“grantor” and “grantee,” respectively) while guaranteeing the seller’s right to transfer. There are two (2) types of bargain and sale deeds statutorily recognized in New York: one has a covenant (warranty) against the grantor, and one has no warranty whatsoever.

The deed containing the covenant guarantees that the grantor neither suffered nor caused any property encumbrances during their ownership (this warranty does not cover past owners). In contrast, the bargain and sale deed without warranty does not guarantee the title quality, thus leaving the grantee liable for all preexisting encumbrances.

Versions (2)

Bargain and Sale Deed With Covenant Against Grantor – Includes an assurance that no title encumbrances occurred while the grantor owned the property.

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Bargain and Sale Deed Without Covenant Against Grantor – Transfers ownership without a warranty against the grantor or any other owner.

Download: PDFWord (.docx)OpenDocument