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New York Deed Forms

New York deed is a written instrument by which property ownership is transferred from a seller (“grantor”) to a buyer (“grantee”). As with mortgages and other documents pertaining to real estate, property deeds will need to be recorded in the appropriate government land records office (either the County Clerk or City Register’s office). The recording process is necessary to establish a public record of the title transfer and substantiate the grantee’s ownership rights.

Some deeds contain warranties that free the grantee from liability against title defects (e.g., tax and mechanic’s liens, boundary line disputes). If using a deed devoid of title protection, the grantee is encouraged to conduct a preliminary title search to determine whether encumbrances cloud the property title.


Types (7)

Administrator Deed – Used by an estate administrator to transfer property owned by an individual who died without a will.

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Bargain and Sale Deed with Covenant – This deed includes a single covenant stating that the grantor has not caused or suffered any title encumbrances on the property being sold.

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Bargain and Sale Deed without Covenant – Promises that the grantor has title rights, but does not warrant the title against encumbrances.

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Executor Deed – For transferring property by an executor pursuant to a deceased party’s last will and testament.

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General Warranty Deed – Contains a guarantee that the grantor is the rightful owner of real property free from all liens and encumbrances.

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Quit Claim Deed – Conveys the grantor’s interest in real estate with no warranties or covenants to protect the property title.

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Special Warranty Deed – Guarantees that the property title is clear of encumbrances from the grantor’s time of ownership; this deed does not cover title defects caused by previous owners.

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