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South Carolina Special Warranty Deed Form

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Updated on September 1st, 2022

South Carolina special warranty deed allows a real estate owner (the grantor) to convey their property and provide a warranty that there are no other claims to the title from when they held ownership. Under this type of deed, the grantor also agrees to settle any unexpected third-party claims (e.g., liens, overdue taxes, etc.) if they were made while they held the title, but not if they were made under another owner. The language in the deed form also provides assurances that the grantor does in fact have the right to transfer their interest to another party.

Before finalizing a real estate transaction with a special warranty deed, it is advisable for the buyer (the grantee) to verify a title’s condition by performing a title search. A title search is when the grantee (or another party on their behalf) searches through the Register of Deeds’ public records to see whether unresolved claims exist on the title.