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Janitorial Subcontractor Agreement

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janitorial subcontractor agreement is a temporary work contract between a company and an individual who they are hiring to clean the premises of a property. As a subcontractor, the janitor is hired by another contractor (not the principal client) and will be responsible for declaring and paying taxes on their income. Common examples of when a janitor may be hired as a subcontractor include cleaning construction sites, industrial spills and waste, and commercial or residential properties.

What is a Janitorial Subcontractor?

A janitorial subcontractor is an individual who provides cleaning services to a contractor in conjunction with a wider project. In most cases, the subcontractor will either contribute directly to the contractor’s work (e.g., if the contractor is a cleaning company) or clean the contractor’s job site.

What’s Included in the Agreement?

The completed agreement will detail the names and addresses of the subcontractor, contractor, and client, as well as the place, duration, compensation, and required services of the assigned project.

How Much should Janitorial Subcontractors Charge?

When working as subcontractors, professional cleaners will usually charge their clients an hourly rate, although they may charge a flat fee per job instead. The national average hourly rate is $23 per hour (source: ziprecruiter.com). Depending on the type and level of service that an individual provides, they may charge more or less than this amount.