California 14-Day Notice to Terminate | Domestic Violence

California 14-Day Notice to Terminate | Domestic Violence

Last updated July 14th, 2021

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The California 14-day notice to terminate is a document that allows a tenant to terminate a lease agreement on the grounds that they or someone in their household was a victim of domestic violence or a similar act. California law states that tenants may cancel their lease in certain situations without owing additional rent or associated costs. A tenant who intends on breaking a lease in this fashion must attach documentation to prove they are a victim of one of the qualifying acts of abuse. If the tenant moves out and the landlord finds a replacement to take over the lease, the tenant is entitled to a refund in rent for those days.

Laws§ 1946.7

Required Attachment(s):

  • A copy of a restraining order (or other type of protective order);
  • A copy of an official written report by law enforcement confirming a report of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, human trafficking or elder abuse was filed by the tenant; or
  • Documentation from a qualifying third party (health practitioner or counselor) indicating the tenant has sought assistance for physical or mental injuries sustained from any of the above-mentioned acts of violence.