California 3-Day Notice to Quit | Curable Non-Compliance

California 3-Day Notice to Quit | Curable Non-Compliance

Last updated June 6th, 2023

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The California 3-day notice to quit for curable non-compliance is a form used by landlords to let a tenant know they are currently in violation of their lease agreement. A curable non-compliance notice states that the violation can be remedied by the tenant to avoid vacating the premises. If they fail to cure the violation (or move out if that is their choice) by the third day after the notice is served, the landlord may commence an eviction suit. This form is reserved for violations of a lease such as having a pet when pets are not allowed or failure to maintain the cleanliness of the property.

Laws§ 1161(3)

Related Forms

3-Day Notice to Quit for Non-Compliance (Incurable) – If the tenant commits a serious lease violation as per § 1161(4), the landlord may issue this notice to provide the occupant with three (3) days to vacate with no option to retain their tenancy.

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