Kansas 14/30-Day Notice to Quit | Non-Compliance

Kansas 14/30-Day Notice to Quit | Non-Compliance

Last updated August 29th, 2022

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The Kansas 14/30-day notice to quit informs a tenant that their actions or their negligence have resulted in a violation in their rental agreement. It also indicates the remedial measures to be taken by the tenant in order to retain their tenancy and avoid eviction. Upon receiving the document, the tenant will have fourteen (14) days to cure their lease violations, or thirty (30) days to vacate the premises. The tenant will be entitled to possession of the dwelling if their violations are remedied within the initial fourteen (14) day period.

If the tenant commits the same or similar violation after the expiration of the fourteen (14) day period, the landlord may deliver to the tenant a second (2nd) notice which states that they are required to vacate within thirty (30) days without the possibility of retaining their tenancy.

Laws § 58-2564(a)