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Maryland Notice to Quit | Non-Payment of Rent

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The Maryland notice to quit for non-payment informs a tenant that their rent is late and that they are required to pay the overdue amount or vacate within the number of days indicated on the form. Should the tenant fail to comply with the notice terms, the landlord may terminate the rental agreement and file for eviction. Maryland landlords are not legally required to provide notice before filing for eviction for non-payment of rent, and the delivery of this notice is entirely optional. Tenants may avoid eviction if, at any point before the actual eviction date, they pay the total amount owed to the landlord.

Note: Some jurisdictions in Maryland have different rules concerning evictions for the non-payment of rent. Before issuing this notice, landlords should speak with a clerk of the district court to see if their county has different notice requirements.

Laws§ 8-401(a)