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South Dakota 1-Month Notice to Quit | Lease Termination Letter

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The South Dakota 1-month notice to quit is a document that either landlord or tenant can serve on the other party to indicate that they are terminating an at-will, month-to-month lease agreement. Such a lease agreement renews automatically at the end of each term so long as the rent payment is made. It is for this reason that a landlord will have to give notice to the tenant and provide them with the necessary time to prepare for moving out. If the tenant does not move out following the termination of the notice period, the landlord can serve them with a 3-Day Notice to Quit for Term Expiration which gives the tenant three (3) days before eviction proceedings will begin against them.

Laws § 43-8-8

Related Forms

3-Day Notice to Quit for Term Expiration – The landlord will use this form when a tenant’s term has expired and they have yet to vacate the premises. This gives the tenant three (3) days to vacate the property before the commencement of eviction proceedings.

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