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Last updated July 23rd, 2021

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The South Dakota 3-day notice to quit for non-payment is a document that is served on a tenant to inform them that they have three (3) days to pay the entirety of the late rent owed or vacate the premises. Failure to vacate the premises or pay the balance due will provide the landlord with grounds to file a Forcible Detainer and Entry action to evict the tenant. It should be noted that the notice to quit cannot be served until the tenant is at least three (3) days late on their rent.

Laws – § 21-16-1(4) and § 21-16-2

Rent Grace Period (§ 21-16-1(4)) – As stated in the South Dakota Legislature, a landlord may not commence eviction proceedings against the tenant unless they are three (3) days late on their rent. After such a point, they are required to provide them with a notice to quit.