Utah 3-Day Notice to Vacate | Incurable Non-Compliance

Last updated September 23rd, 2021

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The Utah 3-day notice to vacate for an incurable non-compliance is a notice served by a landlord that provides a tenant who’s violated their lease with three (3) days to leave the property or face eviction. Unlike the 3-Day Notice to Comply or Vacate, the tenant will not have the opportunity to remedy the problem and stay on the property. Remaining on the premises beyond the notice period will render the tenant in unlawful detainer of the rental property and they will be evicted. Eviction can cost the tenant court and attorney fees, as well as treble damages, which means three (3) times the usual amount one would pay.

Laws § 78B-6-802(1)(h)

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3-Day Notice to Comply or Vacate – If the lease violation is curable, the tenant will need to be given three (3) days to cure fix their non-compliance before their lease is terminated.

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