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Virginia 30-Day Notice to Quit | Non-Compliance

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The Virginia 30-day notice to quit for non-compliance is served on a tenant to indicate that they have thirty (30) days to vacate a rental unit due to a material non-compliance or a violation of § 55.1-1227 materially threatening health and safety. It is possible for the tenant to remain on the premises should they succeed in remedying the breach within twenty-one (21) days of receiving the notice to quit. If the breach is non-remediable, the landlord will serve the notice without the option to cure the violation, demanding that the tenant vacate within the notice period or face an eviction suit. Furthermore, if the tenant has previously been served a notice to quit for non-compliance for a similar violation, the landlord is not obliged to give them the opportunity to remedy the breach.

Laws – § 55.1-1245(A), § 55.1-1245(B), § 55.1-1245(C), and § 55.1-1245(E)