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Washington 20-Day Notice to Quit | Lease Termination Letter

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Updated on January 4th, 2023

The Washington 20-day notice to quit is a form delivered to a tenant to indicate that their month-to-month tenancy is being terminated within the indicated amount of time. The twenty (20) day period does not refer to the time the tenant has to vacate, but instead the minimum amount of notice the landlord must provide their tenant before the end of the rental period. If the landlord fails to provide at least twenty (20) days’ notice, the tenant will be within their rights to remain on the premises beyond the end of the notice period. In most jurisdictions, the landlord does not need to give cause for termination; however, this is not true for all of Washington as some cities have Just Cause Eviction Protection which protects tenants from wrongful and groundless lease termination (see below). Furthermore, the twenty (20) day notice is considered a bare minimum and there are some jurisdictions in which landlords must provide their tenants with significantly more time depending on the cause for termination.

Laws § 59.18.200(1)(a)

City-Specific Versions (3)

Seattle Notice to Terminate Month-to-Month Tenancy – Used by Seattle landlords to terminate a month-to-month tenancy. (Landlords must have just cause to terminate a tenancy in Seattle.)

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Tacoma 60-Day Notice to Terminate Month-to-Month Tenancy – A notice to terminate a month-to-month tenancy in the city of Tacoma (must be served with the Tacoma Resource Summary for Month-to-Month Tenancies). Landlords do not need a reason to terminate a monthly tenancy in Tacoma; however, they are required to provide tenants with sixty (60) days’ notice.

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Federal Notice to Terminate Month-to-Month Tenancy – A monthly lease termination notice served on a tenant by their landlord. Just cause must be noted on the form, and the landlord must provide appropriate notice to the tenant (termination notice periods defined here).

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