Real Estate Buyer Intake Form

Real Estate Buyer Intake Form

Last updated August 8th, 2023

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real estate buyer intake form is a questionnaire agents use to acquire information from potential clients who intend to buy property. The buyer will supply their needs, preferences, and timeline so the agent can tailor their property recommendations and overall strategy. An intake form will often ask for the buyer’s financial status to enable the agent to find a property within their budget.

Form Elements

The buyer intake form, sometimes referred to as the buyer questionnaire, will contain a few key elements:

Buyer Information

The agent must learn about the buyer before taking them on as a client. The form should ask for basic information such as their name, address, email address, and phone number. The agent may also need to inquire about the buyer’s spouse and whether a co-buyer is involved in the transaction. Additionally, the buyer may need to provide their occupation and current employer so that the agent may verify their financial situation.

Price and Financing

In terms of financial information, the buyer should include:

  • Whether they have been pre-approved for financing.
  • If they have been pre-approved, how much did they get, and who is the lender.
  • Their intended price range.
  • How much they are willing to put as a down payment.
  • Whether they have a property to sell.

These details help the agent gauge the seriousness of the client, manage their expectations, and start a search for properties within the client’s budget.

Client Preferences

Every buyer will have different wants and needs for the property they hope to buy. To help the agent get on the same page as the buyer with as little back and forth as possible, the intake form should ask the buyer to provide at least the following information:

  • The type of property
  • Desired home size
  • The style of home
  • How many bedrooms/bathrooms they would like
  • If they want a garage/parking

The form should leave some space for the buyer to describe any special requirements and when they would like to move in.