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Pharmacy Residency Letter of Intent

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Updated on March 16th, 2023

pharmacy residency letter of intent is sent to a residency program director by a recently graduated pharmacist to express interest in completing a residency program. Since many residency programs are very competitive, a well-drafted letter will help candidates stand out from other applicants. The letter gives the applicant an opportunity to detail their achievements, relevant experience, and explain why they are a good fit for the program.


 How to Prepare the Letter

Letters of intent allow residency directors to find candidates that best fit their program. By reading the letters, program directors can filter out individuals that would not be a good fit. The candidate should research and apply for a residency program where they can impact and help reach their career goals. The following format may be used as a guideline for drafting the letter.

 First Paragraph – Introduction

The residency applicant should state their name, what school they are currently attending, and what residency program they are writing the letter for. This is also an opportunity to explain to the reader why the candidate is interested in that particular residency program and how it will help them achieve their career goals.

 Second Paragraph – Self Promotion

The second paragraph can highlight the candidate’s accomplishments, experience, and strengths related to their intended program. The writer may wish to include specific examples of experiences and how those experiences were learning opportunities to help them prepare for a future in pharmacy. Depending on the number of achievements the individual wishes to write, this section may be split into two paragraphs.

 Third Paragraph – Summary

In the final paragraph, the candidate should summarize the traits they described earlier and explain to the reader why they would be a perfect fit for their program. The applicant should describe what they will bring to the program and what the program can do to achieve their career goals. It is essential to demonstrate how the director’s acceptance of the application will mutually benefit both parties.


The letter should conclude by thanking the program director for their time and consideration. Some candidates may wish to leave their email or phone number in case the reader has any follow-up questions.


To set themselves up for success, the pharmacy residency candidate may want to ask themselves some questions before they draft the letter:

  • What about this program interests me, and how will it help me attain my goals?
  • How do my unique experiences make me an ideal choice for this residency program?
  • Why did I choose this career path?
  • What do I bring to the table?

After the letter is written, the applicant may wish to have a trusted third party proofread the document for any mistakes and offer suggestions on improvement in content and tone.


Download: PDF, Word (.docx), OpenDocument






I am expressing my enthusiastic interest in the pharmacy residency program you offer at [INSTITUTION NAME]. I believe this program would give me an excellent opportunity to develop my skills and help me achieve my goals as a pharmacist. I am particularly drawn to this program because I am interested in the [LIST PROGRAM BENEFITS] this residency offers.

During my studies at [MEDICAL SCHOOL NAME], I gained valuable experience and knowledge, particularly during my fourth year, when I participated in clinical rotations such as [LIST ROTATIONS]. These clinical and research projects have given me the opportunity to work with diverse patients, colleagues, and teachers alike. 

I am confident I will be a good fit for your program and can help elevate an outstanding residency with my experience, work ethic, and eagerness to learn. I am sure that this residency will allow me to reach both short-term and long-term professional goals while helping to increase the prestige of an already prestigious institution.

I would be honored to interview for the position, and you may contact me at any time if you have any questions. I appreciate your consideration, and thank you for your time.



Frequently Asked Questions

How long should the pharmacy residency letter of intent be?

Due to the high number of residency program applicants, the program director may appreciate a shorter letter. Letters may be up to two pages, but a single page is often sufficient.