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North Carolina Real Estate Listing Agreement

An North Carolina real estate listing agreement is used when a property owner wishes to entrust a real estate agent with the responsibility of listing and selling the owner’s real property. The document will provide the legal description of the property, any personal property the owner wishes to include as part of the sale (if any), and if the agent will have exclusive rights to sell the property. The period of the agreement and the possibility for any extension will be laid out in accordance with the seller’s preference, ensuring that the agent will attempt to sell the property promptly. The agent’s commission will also be outlined in the agreement and will motivate them to provide the seller with the highest possible buying offer amount; therefore, signing this form will be mutually beneficial to both parties. 

Dual Agency (21 NC Admin Code 58A .0104(j)) – The state of North Carolina allows for dual agency as long as written consent is provided by both buyer and seller.

Purchase Agreement – A potential buyer may use this document to bid on a seller’s property. Should the seller accept the bid and terms laid out in the agreement, both parties may sign and the property will transfer ownership.


Realtor Version

North Carolina Exclusive Rights to Sell Listing Agreement – Created by the North Carolina Association of REALTORS®, this form may be used by agents to arrange a listing agreement with the seller of a property.

Download: PDF

Disclosures / Waivers (3)

1) Agency Disclosure

Before entering into a listing agreement with a potential seller, real estate agents must provide this disclosure outlining the agent’s duties as well as their license number and firm name.

2) Property Disclosure Statement

This document must be provided to all prospective buyers detailing specifics about the property, including any known material defects that may affect it’s value.

3) Dual Agency Addendum – Both buyer and seller must provide written consent if an agent wishes to represent them both in a real estate transaction.