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Oklahoma Real Estate Listing Agreement

An Oklahoma real estate listing agreement grants a real estate licensee the ability to list and sell a property on behalf of the seller. Upon the execution of this document, the agent may put up a for-sale sign, host open houses, and list the property on third-party websites unless permission is not granted by the seller.

Although the agent will typically prefer to exclusively list the property, the seller may opt for an open listing, where the seller will only become the agent’s client once they furnish a potential buyer. Once a suitable buyer has been found and ownership of the property has been transferred, the licensee will receive the commission outlined in this document.


Realtor Version

Oklahoma Real Estate Commission Listing Agreement – This contract was created by the Oklahoma Real Estate Commission and is used to grant brokers the exclusive rights to list their clients’ property.

Download: PDF


Disclosures / Waivers (4)

1) Disclosure of Brokerage Duties

The agents’ duties and responsibilities must be disclosed in writing to all potential clients prior to the signing of a listing agreement.

2) Dual Agency

Dual agency is when a licensee wishes to represent both the buyer and seller in a real estate transaction. This is allowed in the state of Ohio provided that both buyer and seller are informed in writing prior to the transaction.

3) Property Disclosure Statement

Sellers are required to give a detailed statement on the condition of the property prior to its sale to a potential buyer. A Property Disclaimer Statement must be provided if certain conditions outlined in § 60-833(1) are met.

4) Property Disclaimer Statement

If the seller has never lived on the property and has no knowledge of any defect, this statement may be provided instead of the Property Disclosure Statement.