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Kansas Mechanic’s Lien Form

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A Kansas mechanic’s lien allows construction workers and suppliers to take legal action against a client who has not delivered payment for their contracted services. A property with a lien will alert interested buyers that they will be liable for the owner’s debts if they purchase, thus making the property highly undesirable and difficult for the owner to obtain home financing.

If the owner does not deliver the owed payment after they have received notice of a filed lien, they are at risk of the claimant proceeding in enforcing the lien by filing a foreclosure suit, which will result in the owner being required to sell the property and compensate the claimant from the proceeds generated in the sale.

In Kansas, claimants who are subcontractors or suppliers must furnish the owner with a Notice of Intent to Perform or will otherwise not be eligible to file a lien, as well as file a release form relinquishing lien rights if the claimant has been paid in full.