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Maryland Mechanic’s Lien Form

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A Maryland mechanic’s lien provides a person/business who has contributed to a construction project a security interest in the property to ensure they’re paid in full. The lien will prevent the property from being financed or sold until the owner delivers payment for the labor or materials provided. The filed document also enables the claimant to enforce the lien and pursue a foreclosure suit in the event of nonpayment.

Unlike most states, liens in Maryland are filed by petitioning the court, who will then determine whether or not a lien will attach to the property or not. If the court approves a lien claim, an order will be issued allowing the claimant to appear in court and present any counterevidence within fifteen (15) days of receiving the order (§ 9-106(a)(1)). Subcontractors who seek to file a lien must give the owner a notice of their intent to lien, including the statement set forth in § 9-104(b), within one hundred and twenty (120) days of completion of work.