Missouri Mechanic’s Lien Form

Last updated April 13th, 2022

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Missouri mechanic’s lien is used by construction parties (“claimants”) to collect overdue payments from property owners who have failed to pay what is contractually owed. This filing provides the claimant an interest in the owner’s property for the amount owed, applying pressure on the owner to pay the balance and remove the lien. Contractors, subcontractors, equipment lessors, surveyors, and architects are entitled to lien rights on construction projects they work on. Note that suppliers of machinery or equipment are only entitled to a lien if the amount of claim exceeds five thousand dollars.

Once the mechanic’s lien has been filed with the local county clerk’s office, it will be on public record, which makes it very difficult for the owner to sell the property or receive financing until the lien is satisfied. If the amounts remain unpaid after the lien is filed, the claimants may initiate enforcement and file a lien foreclosure action.