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Delaware Notary Acknowledgment Form

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Fill Now Click to fill, edit and sign this form now!

Updated on May 4th, 2023

A Delaware notary acknowledgment is a written certificate completed by a notary public after they have verified the identity of an individual and the validity of their signature. When a document needs to be notarized, the individual (or individuals) signing it must appear before a notary public and provide identification. The notary will then witness the signatures and complete the acknowledgment form, including their title, commission expiration date, signature, and the current date.

The first term of a notary public is 2 years, after which they may continue to renew their appointment every 2 or 4 years (§ 4307(a)).

Is Online Notarization Legal in Delaware?

No, notarizations can not be performed online in Delaware. However, the state statutes do not prohibit individuals from using online notaries from other states.

Sample (Individual)

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State of Delaware
County of [COUNTY]

This instrument was acknowledged before me this [MM/DD/YYYY] by [SIGNER NAME(S)].

Signature of Notarial Officer: ________________________


My Commission Expires: [MM/DD/YYYY]