South Carolina Notary Acknowledgment Form

South Carolina Notary Acknowledgment Form

Last updated June 29th, 2023

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A South Carolina notary acknowledgment is completed by a notary public to certify a signature by identifying the signer and ensuring they signed of their own free will. Before signing the acknowledgment, the notary must confirm the signer’s identity either by knowing them personally or checking their ID. The completed acknowledgment will need to contain the signature date and location, the signer’s name, and the notary’s serial number, commission expiration date, signature, and seal.

In accordance with state law, notaries are appointed to 10-year terms (§ 26-1-10).

Is Online Notarization Legal in South Carolina?

Yes. In accordance with the Electronic Notary Public Act (Bill 631), South Carolina-registered notaries public can apply to become electronic notary publics and perform remote notarizations from within the state.

Statutes: Title 26, Chapter 2 (Electronic Notaries Public)

Sample (Individual)

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State of South Carolina
County of [COUNTY]

The foregoing instrument was acknowledged before me this [DATE] by [SIGNER’S NAME].

Signature of Person Taking Acknowledgment: ________________________
Title or Rank: [RANK/TITLE]
My Commission Expires: [DATE]