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Arizona Medical Power of Attorney Form

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An Arizona medical power of attorney is a form that allows an individual (the “principal”) to select someone else (“agent” or “surrogate”) to make health care decisions on their behalf. This form is often completed with a Living Will to select the principal’s preferred treatment options in case of their incapacitation. To register this form with the state, the principal will also need to complete the Registration Agreement form.

Agent’s Duties§ 36-3223

Signing Requirements (§ 20-17-202(a)(3)(A)), § 36-3221(a)(3)) – One (1) Witness or Notary Public

Statutory Form§ 36-3224

State Definitions

Statute§ 36-3221

“Health care power of attorney” means a written designation of an agent to make health care decisions that meets the requirements of section 36-3221 and that comes into effect and is durable as provided in section 36-3223, subsection A.