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Arizona Minor (Child) Power of Attorney Form

An Arizona minor (child) power of attorney allows parents and guardians to appoint an agent and grant them the right to act in their place regarding parental responsibilities. This form is also referred to as a delegation of parental powers, and it may only last for up to six (6) months unless the parent or guardian is a military member on active duty. A military member on active duty may delegate these parental powers for up to one (1) year. In all cases, the parent/guardian may revoke the power of attorney at any time via written notice.

  • Laws – §14-5104
  • Disclosure requirements for proposed guardians §14-5106
  • Signing requirements (§ 14-5501) – Principal, Witness, and Notary Public
  • Expiration (§14-5104, § 14-5107) – Six (6) months or up to one (1) year if a military member on active duty