Arizona Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney (Form 48-1001)

Arizona Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney (Form 48-1001)

Last updated October 29th, 2021

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The Arizona motor vehicle power of attorney (Form 48-1001) appoints an attorney-in-fact for an individual (the “seller” or “transferor”) to sign documents regarding the vehicle’s ownership and titles on their behalf. The attorney-in-fact is able to execute such documents without the presence of the seller/transferor and has full authorization to acquire, endorse, or transfer the vehicle’s title. Furthermore, the seller/transferor can appoint an individual or an organization such as a dealership as their attorney-in-fact. It is important to note that this document is applicable to a single vehicle only, a description of which must be provided at the top of the form

Signing Requirements – Seller/Transferor and Notary Public or MVD Agent

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Arizona Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney with Odometer Disclosure (Form 48-7104) – For use when the vehicle seller/transferor authorizes the attorney-in-fact to disclose the mileage.

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