Colorado Real Estate Power of Attorney Form

Colorado Real Estate Power of Attorney Form

Last updated August 17th, 2022

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A Colorado real estate power of attorney allows an individual (the “principal”) to select a third party (the “agent” or “attorney-in-fact”) to handle the purchase, sale, management, or refinancing of real estate. While the arrangement is effective, the agent will be given full authority to perform the acts approved in the document.

The primary advantage of appointing an attorney-in-fact is that the principal can have real estate transactions and property management handled by another person without needing to be present at any time. Although the agent will act in the principal’s place, it is standard for them to consult with the principal prior to making decisions, transferring funds, and signing legal documents.

Statute § 15-14-727

Signing Requirements (§§ 38-30-124, 15-14-705) – Notary Public

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