Colorado Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney (Form DR-2175)

Colorado Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney (Form DR-2175)

Last updated October 29th, 2021

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The Colorado motor vehicle power of attorney (Form DR-2175) delegates certain powers from an individual (a “grantor”) to a third party (an “agent”) in regards to motor vehicle transactions. The grantor is able to define the limits of the agent’s powers, which can include selling the grantor’s vehicle, applying for certificates of titles or registrations, and recording or releasing liens.

As the agent is not required to give advance notice to the principal, the agent is expected to use due care to act in the principal’s interests and to keep record of their activities. Once signed by the grantor and the notary public, the power of attorney remains valid until its termination date, which must be entered into the form for it to be in effect.

Signing Requirements – Notary Public

Related Forms

Form DR-2174 (Secure Power of Attorney) – This form is used by Colorado dealerships when the title is in possession of the lienholder or if the title has been lost. The agent can sign as both the buyer and the seller and acknowledging the odometer reading under a Form DR-2174.