Georgia Minor (Child) Power of Attorney Form

Last updated August 18th, 2022

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Georgia minor (child) power of attorney enables a parent/guardian to designate an agent to care for their minor child in their stead. This form is typically executed when the parent will be unable to care for the child for an extended period of time. With this type of power of attorney, the agent assumes responsibility for the child’s needs including food, education, and lodging. The form also grants the power to enroll the child in school and consent to medical treatment. The state of Georgia does not limit the term for this power of attorney; however, the parent may set a term on the form, or revoke it at any time in writing.

Laws – § 19-9-120 – 19-9-129

Signing Requirements (§ 19-9-127) – Notary Public

Expiration (§ 19-9-134) – One (1) Year

Statutory Form – (§ 19-9-134)