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Massachusetts Medical Power of Attorney Form

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Updated on October 27th, 2021

A Massachusetts medical power of attorney, also referred to as a health care proxy, is a document that enables an individual to select a health care agent to make decisions on their behalf should they become incapacitated. This power of attorney gives broad, sweeping authority to the designated agent, enabling them to make any medical decision that the principal would if they were mentally competent. For this reason, it is essential that the document creator be of sound mind while drafting the health care proxy and that they select someone they trust will make choices with their best interests in mind.

Agent’s Duties Ch. 201D § 5

Signing Requirements (Ch. 201D § 2) – Two (2) Witnesses

State Definition

StatuteCh. 201D § 1

”Health care proxy”, a document delegating to an agent the authority to make health care decisions, executed in accordance with the requirements of this chapter.