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Massachusetts Minor (Child) Power of Attorney

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Updated on October 28th, 2021

Massachusetts minor (child) power of attorney is executed when the parent(s) or legal guardian(s) of a minor will be temporarily unable to care for that minor and need to select an individual to handle those responsibilities. The selected individual (or “attorney-in-fact”) will be authorized to carry out all parental responsibilities for the minor named in the document. However, the parent(s)/guardian(s)will have the ability to limit the attorney-in-fact’s responsibilities if they choose to do so.

Regardless of the scope of the attorney-in-facts authority, the period of effectiveness for this particular type of power of attorney is sixty (60) days. It should be noted that an attorney-in-fact can not be appointed if the minor has another parent who is willing and able to provide care unless the non-appointing parent consents in writing.

Laws – (§ 5-103(b))

Signing Requirements (§ 5-103) – Two (2) Witnesses

Expiration (§ 5-103) – Sixty (60) Days