Michigan Medical Power of Attorney Form

Michigan Medical Power of Attorney Form

Last updated May 3rd, 2021

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A Michigan medical power of attorney is a legally binding document that grants power to a health care agent (in Michigan, a “patient advocate”) to make decisions for a patient who has lost the ability to communicate their wishes. The designation enables the principal (individual completing the form) to rest assured knowing that at any point in their life, should they lose decisional capacity and be hospitalized, a representative will be there to ensure that they are taken care of properly. This type of power of attorney grants sweeping and general decisional powers to the agent in question; it is for this reason that an individual will often choose a spouse, close friend, or other family member to oversee their health care.

Agent’s Duties§ 700.5509

Laws§ 700.5506

Signing Requirements (§ 700.5506(4)) – Two (2) Witnesses