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Minnesota Real Estate Power of Attorney Form

A Minnesota real estate power of attorney is a real estate document that allows the principal to appoint a trusted agent to handle transactions and management duties related to a specific property. The scope of the agent’s powers is limited; they are not allowed to act on behalf of the principal in any other matters, real estate or otherwise, that are not mentioned the document. The address of the property will be entered onto the form, and the principal will select which duties their agent can perform: purchasing, selling, managing, or refinancing. The type of power of attorney can be durable or non-durable, and the principal will establish the terms of revocation under Article 3 of the form.

Signing requirements (§ 523.01) – Notary Public

Minnesota General Power of Attorney – This is a non-durable power of attorney that grants an agent broad sweeping powers pertaining to the principal’s estate and financial affairs.