Mississippi Advance Directive Form

Mississippi Advance Directive Form

Last updated August 16th, 2022

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Mississippi advance directive is used to designate a health care agent and put in place one’s wishes for end-of-life medical treatment. A health care agent is designated through the power of attorney portion and will be able to make any medical decision that the patient would if they had decisional capacity. A secondary part of the document is the living will, wherein the patient outlines what treatments they’d like to receive or reject. The document also includes an optional section that can be used to appoint the physician that will have primary responsibility for the patient’s care. It is within the creator’s rights to revoke the form or alter it at any point.

Agent’s Duties – § 41-41-205(7)

Laws§§ 41-41-201 – 41-41-229 (Uniform Health-Care Decisions Act)

Signing Requirements (§ 41-41-205(2)) – Two (2) Witnesses or Notary Public

Statutory Form§ 41-41-209

State Definition

Statute§ 41-41-203(b)

“Advance health-care directive” means an individual instruction or a power of attorney for health care.