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North Carolina Minor (Child) Power of Attorney

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Updated on October 28th, 2021

North Carolina minor (child) power of attorney is executed by a parent or guardian to give a third party (the “attorney-in-fact”) temporary decision-making powers over their child. A power of attorney is most often used in situations where the parent/guardian cannot be present to provide care or consent to the minor’s affairs, whether due to hospitalization, travel, emergency, or military duty. An attorney-in-fact is able to perform the parent/guardian’s duties regarding the travel, schooling, and health care of the minor in accordance with the instructions detailed in the form.

Laws § 32A-28

Agent’s Duties§ 35A-1241

Signing Requirements (§ 32C-1-105) – Notary Public

Expiration – Not specified in state statutes

North Carolina Authorization to Consent to Health Care for Minor – To be used by a parent or guardian to authorize an agent to consent to health care decisions for their child.