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Oregon Minor (Child) Power of Attorney Form

An Oregon minor (child) power of attorney form allows a parent or guardian to give another person (known as the “attorney-in-fact”) authority to make decisions for a minor child(ren). The attorney-in-fact can be given general authority to make decisions on any matter a parent or guardian would, including health care and education related decisions. Otherwise, the attorney-in-fact can be granted a limited power for a specific task, such as taking the child on vacation. If the attorney-in-fact is granted general authority, they are also entrusted with performing the parental duties and caregiving that the parent or guardian would provide the child(ren).

  • Laws § 109.056
  • Signing requirements – Parent/Guardian and Attorney-in-fact
  • Expiration (§ 109.056) – Six (6) months or One (1) year if delegating to a school administrator (with the exception of military active duty in both cases)