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South Carolina Minor (Child) Power of Attorney Form

A South Carolina minor (child) power of attorney is a form completed by a parent or guardian to appoint a trusted individual (the “attorney-in-fact”) to serve as a temporary guardian for their child. The attorney-in-fact will have the same authority as the parent would over their child, enabling them to consent to the child’s healthcare and education and provide whatever care is necessary to maintain the same standard of living. As South Carolina state statutes do not specify the maximum duration of a minor (child) power of attorney, the authorization will expire upon the date provided on the form or when the parent or guardian can resume their parental duties (upon executing a written revocation).

  • Laws§ 62-5-309
  • Agent duties§ 62-5-309
  • Signing requirements (§ 62-8-105) – Two (2) Witnesses and Notary Public
  • Expiration – Not mentioned in state statutes