Texas Medical Power of Attorney Form

Texas Medical Power of Attorney Form

Last updated October 28th, 2021

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A Texas medical power of attorney is a form executed by someone who is of sound mind for the purposes of appointing an attorney-in-fact to represent their best interests in the event that they are unable to make medical decisions for themselves. The person selected to be a health care agent is usually someone close to the principal, such as a spouse, relative, or friend. This document must be executed according to state law in order to be legally binding.

Agent’s Duties§ 166.152

LawsChapter 166

Signing Requirements (§ 166.054) – Two (2) Witnesses or a Notary Public

Statutory Form§ 166.164

State Definition

Statute§ 166.002(11)

“Medical power of attorney” means a document delegating to an agent authority to make health care decisions executed or issued under Subchapter D.