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Vermont Minor (Child) Power of Attorney Form

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Updated on October 28th, 2021

Vermont minor (child) power of attorney is used by a parent or guardian to provide a temporary caregiver for a child during their absence. The form is commonly employed in cases where a parent or guardian is unavailable due to working abroad, debilitating illness, incarceration, or other scenarios that separate them from their child. The form can also be used to delegate a specific task, such as having the attorney-in-fact find a residence for the child or enroll them in school/extracurricular activities.

A minor power of attorney does not modify or revoke the parent or guardian’s parental rights or custody, and the attorney-in-fact is expected to serve for a limited duration only. Vermont state laws require at least one (1) witness and a notary public present during the execution of a minor (child) power of attorney.

Agent’s Duties § 2629

Signing Requirements (§ 3503) – Notary Public and One (1) Witness

Expiration – Not specified in state statutes