Georgia Property Management Agreement

Georgia Property Management Agreement

Last updated May 27th, 2023

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Georgia property management agreement between a property owner and a manager employed to oversee the property. The contract will describe the extent of the manager’s authority; their responsibilities often include rent collection, finding new tenants, collecting security deposits, and repairs. The completed document, once signed, can legally protect both parties should any disputes arise


License Required? Yes. Any individual performing property management duties must have a broker’s license (§ 43-40-1(2)(h), § 43-40-30).

Exception: A license is not required if:

  • The property manager is a full-time employee of the property owner (§ 43-40-29(a)(8)).
  • The person hired to manage the property is a full-time employee of a community association (§ 43-40-29(a)(8.1)).
  • A licensed broker employs an unlicensed individual, and the activities authorized are provided in a written agreement between the broker and the employee (§ 43-40-29(a)(10))

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